Empirical Evidence vs Scientific Research-Based Evidence in Aromatherapy and Herbalism

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As with any other modality, there is a trend that has gained steam and popularity in aromatherapy and aromatic medicine.  It is a trend that hit herbalism many years ago and has since faded.  This trend is the question of the validity of empirical evidence vs scientifically researched evidence as a determination of the efficacy of aromatics.  There are many in the aromatherapy community that are really pushing the scientifically researched evidence so strongly as to almost completely shut out the empirical.  In many ways, this push has been so hard that it has become a “fad” within aromatherapy to […]

What is Holistic Functional Phyto-Aromatherapy?


Holistic functional phyto-aromatherapy. Say that five times fast! It’s a mouthful isn’t it? It sounds complicated, maybe a bit too scientific, and/or maybe a bit mysterious, but it’s the best definition of our practice here at WholeAroma, LLC. Really, it’s just a conjunction of various forms of non-allopathic therapies. Standing on their own, they are all powerful; but together, they are a huge powerhouse of therapies pulled together to build a bigger toolbox in the treatment of ailments where modern medicine (allopathy) tends to falls short; but it also has a view that allopathy is still important and has its place, sometimes concurrently.

Respecting the Elders


It is a tradition in herbalism and herbal medicine to recognize the importance and wisdom of the elders in the field. Those who have gone before, who have carved new paths, who have trodden old paths and improved upon them, and who contribute daily to the field are in many ways revered — held in high respect by most. These are the people that have and continue to further the field in many significant ways.